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At Custom Wagons, our primary goal is to serve the public with quality working wagon wheels and decorative wagon wheels. Not just wagon wheels, cannon wheels wood buckets and wood butter churns, but a more complete list of Yesterday’s Products.

We have been building quality products for over Fifty Years, to continue that quality of service, we continue with a commitment for customer service where we work with each customer on a level of one on one customer service. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved for their very unique projects.

I invite you to view some of the very unique projects that our customers have made over the years on our website at Customer Comments, Click Here!


Our Over Fifty Year Track Record

Customer satisfaction has always been our goal at Custom Wagons. Listening to our customers and their project needs for our Wagon Wheels, Wood Wagon Wheels, Cannon Wheels, and Steel Wagon Wheels. We have improved our customer loyalty and created a larger customer base over the years with our customer service, reducing service failures, lowered operating costs and enhanced employee performance are our goals.



Some Of Our Other Products:

Carriage Wheel - Buggy WheelCarriage Wheels - Buggy Wheels, made from quality hickory wood with a powder coated metal hubs. These carriage wheels are real working wheels, yet can be used for decoration; replacement carriage wheels are used on carriages, Amish buggies and buggy's around the world. These Handmade Carriage Wheels are Horse Drawn Carriage Wheels, Bearings and axles for these carriage wheels come in many different sizes and are made to the customers specifications.

Wood Buckets - Wood Butter ChurnsWood Butter Churns - Wood Buckets, Take A Trip Back In Time.... Both adds a country accent to your home. Like all of our churns or buckets, it is a replica of old style used on the American frontier and in farm houses throughout the US. Sanded smooth white pine staves and hoops that are fastened by copper nails. Add a great country or antique accent, or unfinished, it makes a project for painting or stenciling to add your own personal touch.

Wooden WheelbarrowWood Wheelbarrow, Handcrafted and Works in your garden or yeard, quality workmanship to insure years of service. This wheelbarrow is constructed of solid wood with steam bent wooden wheel and steel rim. The sides are removable for oversized loads or for more decorating options. Great for seasonal yard or porch decoration, fill with pumpkins and corn in the fall, fill with plants in the spring and summer, or use for general landscaping.

Cannon WheelsCannon Wheels made of hickory wood and designed to look like the civil war era cannon wheels. These wheels are extremely strong and solid, designed and dished for working cannon use. If you plan on rolling your cannon wheels around or pulling your cannon, your cannon wheels will require a bushing inserted into the hub, the price of the bushing includes truing so the wheel runs true and epoxying the bushing inside the hub. Axles are available for all of our Cannon Wheels.

Butter Churn LampsButter Churn Lamp, you do not have to buy a wagon wheel chandelier to enjoy a light from yesterday with our butter churn lamps. We have a large selection of cloth shades available for all the lamps we make for the butter churn lamps to our wagon hub lamps Our butter churn lamps are made from the butter churns found in our online store, Our butter churn lamps can be used to add that rustic, country, or western decor to any room or landscape.

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